Models You Can Bring Home and Love—No, It is NOT what is Sounds Like

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Hobbies come in many different shapes and forms. Art collecting has always been a form of a hobby that has been around. For art collectors the presence of busts, statues, and figures has been highly popular. For any budding art collector, this can be rather out of reach because of the price.

So what is an art lover to do?

With technological advances, it has become infinitely cheaper to produce complex and varied sizes of plastic statues and models. These can often come uncolored which can allow the buyer to express their own artistic interpretation upon the model or figure.

There are many ways in which you can paint plastic model. Here are some of them:

Air Brushing

What used to be something for experts is now available for home use. There are now easy to use and personal sized air brush kits available in the market. Air brushing can seem complicated but can be learned easily. If you have ever seen Toy Story 2, you will remember the scene between Woody and the man who fixes toys. The fixer used air brushing to restore the color to Woody’s cheeks. It allows for a subtle touch yet eye catching burst of color.

Acrylic + Specialized Brushes

Do not let the word ‘specialized’ scare you off. Traditional paint brushes often run large to suit traditional canvasses. For statuettes and plastic models, smaller brushes are used. Acrylic paints help to create colorful statues full of depth and personality.

More of the small model collectors choose acrylic paints as their default option. This is due to the fact that acrylic paints are easy to come by and the shades that are now available are extensive enough that you can go on for years and never use the same color twice.

There are more options than the ones we have listed above. Painting your own plastic model is a great way to relax and explore your creativity. When you are done, you can keep the model around for display. You may even use it as a gift if you want. For some of our previous clients, they now have healthy businesses selling their carefully colored plastic models.

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