Savvy Tips for Painting the Exterior of your House

Whether you intend to paint your house yourself or engage a professional, there are things homeowners need to know. Frist, even for terrific DIY’ers, single-handedly painting a house exterior is likely over ambitious. It’s quicker and more efficient to call in the pros, such as Painters in Brisbane.

A great exterior paint job heightens curb appeal and enhances resale value of your home. Professional house painters have experience, expertise and the right tools for the project. Painting contractors know time-tested methods to prepare your house for its facelift. For example, they will cover bushes and plants with a drop cloth, to keep them safe from harm. Before scraping and taping, they will power wash the exterior and put on primer.

Residential painters can advise which types of paint perform well in your climate. They are also up-to-date on the current trends in your area. They can make color recommendations, but the final decision is up to you.

Also, be mindful that professional house painting services typically provide a guarantee on work performed. This gives you a comfort feeling if you have problems down the line.

Choosing the Exterior Paint Color

Gray’s got staying power. Gray started trending on the home scene about seven years ago and is here to stay. Stately and sophisticated, gray blends into any location.

The exterior of your home will look lovely using various color combinations, e.g. light gray house with white trim, light gray house and dark gray trim.

Greige is happening. Greige is a blend of “boring” beige and gorgeous gray. It is considered the new best neutral color for the exterior and interior of your home. Take care when choosing your signature greige, as some shades have a pinkish tinge or orangish glow after application.

Black’s got verve! If you want to transcend the norm, black house exteriors are trending now. PPG paint dubbed Black Flame their color of 2018. Sherwin Williams is promoting their Black Fox exterior paint. Painting your house black can draw out your home’s exterior features. If you’re not quite bold enough to go all-black, consider painting it white with black trim.

You can’t go wrong with classic white, especially if you’re readying your house for sale. White is timeless and elegant.


Bottom line – it’s not cheap to get your house painted. Or, paint is more than just a color. Do your homework. You may want to interview and obtain estimates from several professional painting contractors. Also, compare costs of high quality paint at several paint stores.

Low-priced paint typically equals inferior quality. Get the best quality paint you can afford. It will last longer and you can get by with fewer coats of paint, which saves your painting contractor time and, therefore, saves you money.

Final Thoughts

Be mindful your house is your home is your castle. Your home mirrors your lifestyle and personality. If selling is not in your near future, choose colors that make your heart sing. Hire pros to get the job done right.