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In the world that we have today, it can be easy to feel out of breath most of the time. Things go too fast and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. The people behind AJ Plastics once lived quite differently.

We were all part of our own 9 to find grinds and felt things slowly feel like the whole of it was suffocating. We wanted to break away from that and simultaneously bring something positive into the world. Our founder, Christian Zepps realized that there was more to him that his old high paced corporate job.

He realized that he had an affinity with color and wanted to bring the joy he felt to other people. From there, he built AJ Plastics to help bring more and more people toward finding a productive and artistic form of expression—it also does not hurt that you beautify your surroundings while you are at it.

AJ Plastics aims to connect people to lovelier surroundings and even a way to unwind.

If you are interested in finding out more about what AJ Plastics can do for you, send us a message through info@ajplastics.com.au. Unlock the chance to obtain better surroundings and who knows, you find that you’re quite handy at it.